Green Moss Agate


Key Phrase: Mountain Air

Green Moss Agate Tumbled Stone
(ranges from approx .75 – 1/25″)

Key Phrase: Mountain Air

Affirmation: I spend time in nature. I have an intimate connection with Mother Earth and tools for natural healing.

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Green Moss Agate

Color: translucent to opaque green fern-like sprays within clear or milky quartz

Chakra(s): heart and root

About the stone: Green Moss Agate is silicon dioxide forming into microcrystalline quartz forming colorless to white gemstones with dendritic, or branch-like, inclusions. Gemstones are transparent to translucent.

Astrological sign(s): Taurus

Mohs scale: 6.5–7

Spiritual uses: Green moss agate holds within it the spiritual wisdom of the keepers, or devic forces, of the plant kingdom. Working with this stone provides a portal through which you can access the world of fairies, gnomes, and elves. This stone helps inspire you when working with herbs and aromatherapy for body, mind, and spirit. Green moss agate is good for aligning your energy with Archangels Raphael and Thuriel.

Mental uses: This stone, with its moss-like pattern, helps you to remember to ground yourself. Use it when you are experiencing mental fatigue. This stone helps you replenish your mental focus. When you aren’t able to make it outdoors, gaze into the stone’s inner structure and imagine that you’ve stepped into a forest or glen for a quick break. It’s helpful for people who spend a good deal of time inside buildings with limited time in nature.

Emotional uses: Infuse this stone with an intention to take time to walk in the grass, visit the water’s edge, or embrace a tree.

Physical uses: This stone aligns you with nature and gardening.

Excerpted from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones. (Llewellyn. 2013) by Margaret Ann Lembo

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