Mastery of Awareness

Mastery of Awareness

Living the Agreements – teachings of awareness to change the patterns of emotions and behavior that make you unhappy. When you master your heart and mind through discipline and awareness, you heal your wounds and surrender to your true self.


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Mastery of Awareness

Mastery of Awareness: Living the Agreements

Mastery of Awareness includes exercises from the ancient spiritual path that take the practitioner from Jaguar Knight and Eagle Knight through Nagual Master.

It Provides a program of 11 Agreements for continuing the spiritual journey.

Doña Bernadette Vigil, the working partner of don Miguel Ruiz and a fully initiated Nagual woman, reveals the authentic tradition of Toltec self-mastery.

The Toltec people of ancient Mexico possessed powerful knowledge, passed down secretly through generations of Naguals, that enabled them to achieve a remarkable psychic and spiritual balance. These spiritual warriors learned to discipline their thoughts and emotions, channeling their energy into unconditional love for themselves and others and transforming their world in the process.

With the understanding of one who has walked the path, doña Bernadette Vigil–a full Nagual, or shaman, in the Toltec tradition–guides readers through the effective training techniques practiced by Toltec warriors for centuries. By following the practices of the spiritual warrior, readers will experience the amazing sense of peace and contentment that comes from finally breaking free from layers of self-limiting thoughts and fulfilling their true potential as human beings. More than a handbook for personal change, Mastery of Awareness challenges readers to transform the collective dream of the planet.

From the Author:

Doña Bernadette Vigil travels extensively, presenting Toltec wisdom workshops and leading power journeys throughout the United States and abroad. She also continues to teach with nagual don Miguel Ruiz. A professional artist whose work has been widely exhibited, doña Bernadette lives in New Mexico.

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Mastery of Awareness
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