Cord Cutting: Releasing the Energetic Ties of the Past


Cord Cutting: Releasing the Energetic Ties of the Past
by Margaret Ann Lembo

Are you ready to release old patterns? Do you notice you keep having the same type of relationship issues over and over again? Are your ‘buttons’ easily pushed by friends, family members or even strangers? If you are getting a yes answer to any of these questions and you are ready to release what is no longer working for you in your life, it is time to cut the cords that are binding you to the past.

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Prepare to enter this cord cutting experience with your intention of who or what you are going to release. Disconnect the energetic ties and watch yourself transform your life for the better. Using this CD will help you recognize the patterns established at a young age and from your upbringing. Identify the belief systems and habits that were installed at a young age and set yourself free to be all you can be!

” Cords of Attachment to People& Events

Imagine that your etheric body—your aura—is a web of light and color that surrounds your physical body, the way I described on page XX when we were discussing the chakras. Now imagine that everyone else has this same etheric body. These bodies reach out to one another by energetic cords. In fact, you are linked to every person you have ever interacted with by such a cord of attachment.

Usually, the closer the relationship, the stronger and more effective the cord is. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing. The cord can be a positive energy when a friend, family member, or colleague authentically supports who you are and what you do. However, being attached to someone who has their own personal issues or who might be jealous of you—consciously or unconsciously—is not a positive experience. Such cords can drain your energy and weaken your self-esteem.

            In other ways, your attachments may be to the past, rather than to an actual person. Events that hurt you emotionally, mentally, and physically replay in your mind over and over again, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously. These types of attachments can also prevent you from living your life to the fullest.”

Read more about Cord Cutting in Crystals Beyond Beginners: Awaken Your Consciousness with Precious Gifts from the Earth by Margaret Ann Lembo

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