Walk in Beauty and Love by Margaret Ann Lembo

Walk in Beauty and Love

By Margaret Ann Lembo

Take steps to increase your mental capacity to integrate abundance, beauty, blessings, and love. It starts with making the decision and then envisioning love and beauty in your daily experiences. The practice of heart-centered living is achieved by literally focusing your attention on your heart center – the heart chakra. Relax into this simple practice and watch your days fill up with compassion, kindness, and well-being.

Call on some of your everyday angels like the Angel of Blessings, Angel of Nurturing, Angel of Receiving, and the Angel of Unconditional Love. Invite Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Jophiel to join your team of heavenly helpers to keep you on track toward love and beauty. Inhale essential oils like lavender, rosewood, and ylang ylang to get your olfactory system to help to amplify your intention and imagine walking through a fragrant garden. The gemstone kingdom supports you when you use crystals like danburite, kunzite, pink calcite, rose quartz, and ruby in zoisite.

Sprinkle in positive thoughts to match up with these tools for walking in beauty and love. Affirmations change your energy and your mind. Your body hears every thought you have so add in as much love and beauty into your thoughts.

Make a petition or prayer something like this:
Please, let me be a conduit for love, compassion, and kindness. Open my heart center at the core of my consciousness to allow heaven and earth to meet at my center. Help me see myself and others through the vibration of love and allow love to permeate all facets of my life. Guide me so that I take the time to nurture myself and regard myself with honor and respect. Thank you!

I am love. I align my consciousness with gentleness, compassion, and goodwill toward all. I am compassionate and kind. I am aligned with the healing powers of inner peace and kindness. I am able to help others by vibrating love through my presence, words, and actions.

Bio: Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Chakra Awakening; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing; Crystal Intentions Oracle, and many more. She is an evolutionary aromatherapist, the creator of Smudge in Spray, and the owner of The Crystal Garden — the conscious living store of the Palm Beaches established in 1988. www.MargaretAnnLembo.com TheCrystalGarden.com

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