Little Bit of Symbols


In this little book, Henry Reed, PhD, provides a brief overview of what symbols can mean to us, including such subjects as creation, earthly habitation, animals, numbers, spiritual traditions, flying saucers, and more.

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A Little Bit of Symbols: An Introduction to Symbolism
by Henry Reed, PhD
$9.95 Hardcover

Symbolism is the best evidence that we know and grasp more than we consciously realize—but what exactly are symbols? And how can we use them to expand our consciousness? A visionary psychologist answers these and many other questions as he delves into the symbolism of everything from shoes and animals to UFOs and dreams. Along the way, he explores Jungian archetypes, imagery and metaphors, spiritual symbolism, and even symbol dictionaries, so you can make the most of their information.

Henry Reed, Ph.D., is a visionary psychologist, an “academic shaman,” an artist of dreams and dreamwork, and an innovator of intuitive methodologies of creativity. His published books include Awakening Your Psychic Powers (St. Martin’s), The Intuitive Heart (A.R.E.), and Edgar Cayce on Channeling your Higher Self (Grand Central). Henry was an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Princeton University and served as a research consultant to the C.G. Jung Dream Laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland. He currently serves as Director of the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies. His blogs include dailymandala.blogspot.com and 1REED. He lives in the mountains of Mouth of Wilson, VA.

“Remember, everything is energy, and all energy has a vibration. Plants and animals hold an energetic vibration. Rocks and crystals hold an energetic vibration. Colors hold an energetic vibration. Energetic vibrations reveal themselves to us as symbols and signs, offering us clues to light our path. Being aware of these signs and symbols is important for gaining the insight we are looking for to keep us on our desired course in life. Maintaining mindfulness is the key to self-actualization, which allows us to create our vision. Actualization is simply the action that makes something real in our lives. Mindfulness is our living experience, clearly realizing and being conscious of our thoughts and feelings in the present moment.” ~ an excerpt from Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom: Spiritual Connections of Crystal Vibrations and Animal Medicine by Margaret Ann Lembo

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